Terms & Conditions
Founded in 1978, Asghar International has grown considerably, but still retains it's original customers! Asghar International's Achievements include producing products of a higher quality, thereby standing above our competitors, and exceeding our customers expectations. Initially manufacturing Balls, Asghar International quickly justified it's reputation for making some of the best Sporting Wears and School Uniforms. The business soon diversified to include sports wears.We have our condition to not serve without 50% advance of the Invioce.Note:- All type of taxes exlusive. Mean to say our prices are without taxes.
The order of personalized products will not  be change or cancel after confirmation of order. So first check and ensure your products and then place an order.
Once order is aproved company will not be responsible of any type of missunderstanding or etc.
Our company do not have any other branch all over the world.
If company find any body who is coping our logo, rights or legal rights then company will persue him.